About Us

Physical Planning, Development, and Operations is a department within the Division of Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA).  The department is comprosed of the Physical and Environmental Planning Services, Design and Construction Services, Engineering Services, Construction Project Business Services, Capital Planning and Space Management, and Physical Plant Services units.

Our Mission

Physical Planning, Development & Operations (PPDO) supports the UC Santa Cruz academic vision by managing and overseeing all physical planning, design, and construction. Under the direction of the Campus Architect/Building Official, PPDO ensures that projects contribute to and support campus life by creating visually pleasing, functional, and sustainable facilities that are sensitive and responsive to the surrounding natural landscape.

Our Purpose

We collaborate with other campus departments to facilitate and realize their programmatic, or operational needs when building or altering facilities:

  • set a high standard of design excellence, promote sustainable design and practices, and respect UCSC’s unique natural environment; 
  • manage capital and planning projects pursuant to UCSC’s Long-Range Development Plans within program, schedule, and budget constraints and in compliance with all applicable regulations, building/life safety codes and public works contracting law;
  • coordinate campus development activities with the City and County of Santa Cruz and other agencies;
  • maintain the campus archive of all capital project records.