Why work with PPC?

Any time construction takes place, the campus is required to comply with University policies, the Long-Range Development Plan, building regulations, the public contracts code, as well as the California Environmental Quality Act, and other environmental regulations. Compliance also requires knowledge of the site or facility where the project is located and PPC maintains records of nearly all the construction that has occurred since the campus was founded.

PPC architects, engineers, planners, and inspectors are committed to projects that make an appropriate and positive aesthetic contribution to the extraordinary landscape of UC Santa Cruz. PPC is the campus unit responsible for supporting campus' academic mission by managing and overseeing all physical planning, design, and construction in compliance with the policies, statutes, codes, and regulations. PPC also maintains Campus Design Standards that will ensure that campus buildings are safe, accessible and efficient to maintain and operate.

PPC is occasionally confused with Physical Plant. PPC is responsible for planning, building, and altering the campus-built environment and Physical Plant is responsible for operating and maintaining campus facilities.

For the most comprehensive information on construction within the University of California system, please refer to the Facilities Manual.

Who will you work with?

Each capital project is assigned a Project Manager who is your principal contact throughout the duration of the design and construction process. For capital projects over $35,000, a Project Planner from Capital Planning and Space Management (CPSM) will be involved with programming, budget, and approval. Please refer to “Who are we?” to see the PPC organization chart and list of PPC staff. Depending on the size and the phase, Project Managers are responsible for the following, often with support from consultants, related to your project

  • Long-range and Area Planning/Compliance
  • Environmental Planning
  • Facilities and Site Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Programming (with CPSM)
  • Defining Scope of Work
  • Project Management
  • Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Design Review
  • Building code compliance
  • Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Design Review
  • Building code compliance
  • CEQA compliance
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
  • Drafting
  • Archives of surveys, campus planning and construction documents

Locations served by PPC

  • UC Santa Cruz Main Campus and 2300 Delaware Avenue
  • Coastal Science Campus
  • UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus
  • UCO/Lick Observatory at Mount Hamilton
  • UCSC-managed UC Natural Reserve System Reserves
  • Monterey Bay Education, Science, and Technology (MBEST) Center
  • Leased facilities, as necessary