Project Approval Process

The Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor and/or the Advisory Committee for Campus Planning and Stewardship (CPS) are responsible for reviewing capital improvement projects and obtaining approval. Capital improvement projects are those that add new space or infrastructure, or alter the programmed design or function of existing space, building systems, or infrastructure. Capital improvements do not include repair or replacement projects that continue the usability of a facility at its designed level of service.

All capital improvement projects costing more than $35,000 require approval from the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, or from the Chancellor as appropriate. This includes all projects paid for with unit funds and funds received from other outside sources (such as contracts and grants) regardless of who performs the work. Divisions/units may not request bids for construction until the project has been approved and funding has been transferred to the capital account.

All proposals to lease off-campus space or to lease space to outside agencies must also be reviewed by the CPS as well as proposals to purchase land or buildings. These proposals are administered by the Campus Real Estate Office and are not addressed in this procedure.

The project summary form is used to communicate a unit’s proposal for a project to the CPS. This procedure identifies the information that is required on the project summary and the project review and approval process. Electronic versions of this procedure, the project summary form, and other documents are available by contacting Capital Planning and Space Management (CPSM),