Planning Studies

Building on the foundation of the current LRDPs and their supporting environmental analyses, the campus prepares focused planning studies that examine in an appropriate level of detail a specific set of problems. Some studies may focus on a single issue with implications for the entire campus—a campuswide bicycle plan or infrastructure analysis, for example. Others investigate a specific region of the campus—a “capacity study” that considers the amount of building appropriate for a certain area, or an area plan that develops specific strategies for future development in the area.

Kresge College Visioning Brief

Arts Area Plan

Marine Science Campus Area Plan

Northeast Campus Area Plan

Science Hill Area Plan

Core Capacity Study 2003

Water Efficiency Survey

Recycling Yard Feasibility Study

Resource Recovery Facility Detailed Project Program

Student Housing Market Study

Employee Housing Market Study

East Campus Facilities Study

Student Housing West Study

Student Housing West Feasibility Study